The Judgement of God

Some Questions

Q: What about God's judgement during this life? Punishment?

Does not God punish and discipline us during this life, either acting in judgement on cities like Sodom, or 'disciplining' his 'sons'? Yes, but these are different from the final judgement. Most 'judgement', 'punishment' or 'discipline' in this life seem to be for a purpose of either leading us to repentance or warning others or ensuring we do what God wants.

Q: Why does God tolerate sin?

We assume that a, if not the, primary thing God wants carried out today is to prevent evil. We quote to ourselves, "Christ appeared to destroy the works of the evil one." So why does God allow evil to continue? Why, for example, did he let the sin of the Amorites ripen for another whole four centuries if he loved those who suffered under that regime?

The only answer I can come up with is this. It is true that, over the cosmic timescale, God wants to destroy evil. But in the here and now, God often wants to make evil apparent, to make it reveal its true nature as evil. So that there can be no doubt when he acts that he had done so justly. But surely that leads to more suffering, for which he is then ultimately repsonsible? Yes, but has he not already taken full responsibility for it in dying for us?

1. We may notice this person's sensitivity over sexual matters, and put is aside. The Church must share some blame, because we have given the false impression for decades if not centuries that sexual matters are the main thing God is concerned with. But this is not our point here.)
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