Stages in Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is a popular topic in business today. After an era of pushing technology to replace human beings, organizations are at last recognising the importance of the knowledge that their people hold, and are trying to manage it more effectively. An important part of this is recognising the truism "People are our main asset" and attending to things like proper training. Collison and Parcell (2001) suggest there are four steps in knowledge management:

There are, of course, many other theories and ideas about knowledge management, and these four steps alone are not the complete story. But notice the similarity with some of the messages that God gave:

This explains why, in some cases, such steps have been successful. But they are not the full answer, just as God's revelation did not end with these few messages. There is much more that is needed for a full solution to knowledge management problems and related strategic issues, such as:

So let us not apply little solutions unthinkingly, but recognise the importance of God, and what he has told humankind, to all we do.

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