Climate Change Denial

Climate-change denial (CCD), the opposition to taking climate change seriously, could provide humanity with good quality critique of the CC arguments. Unfortunately, they have not assumed this role.

Instead - as far as I have been able to discover - they poke fun and sneer, they see CCD as a way to get their kicks, as a way to feel superior to others - especially those of us who are 'so serious'! Oh, and those who take climate change seriously are all part of a heinous conspiracy!

Problem is: the comedian circuit is full of climate-change deniers, who sneer, laugh, make fun, and when we try to say something serious they make fun of that - because poking fun is its own justification, and it's 'boring' to be so dull and serious, and thus not worth listening to. Even when we try to make this point, they poke fun at it and demolish it, not validly but by sneer. Oh, well! One day they'll have to face God and give an account. Then they'll sneer on the other side of their face! Hehe!